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How would it feel to finally own an email address that stays with you . . .

Job to job,   ISP to ISP.

Well that is exactly what @Hemsley.com can offer you.

Imagine not only having peace of mind that the email will always stay with you (subject to annual charge) but the the address is extremely memorable.  How often have you spent explaining the complex parts of your email address.

My name is John Hemsley, so I have the email address john@hemsley.com.  Voila !!

You could have yourname@hemsley.com too !

Our Mission

To provide a one stop shop for email forwarding for all Hemsley's Worldwide.

Contact Information

Drop me an email asking if the email address is available and signing up to memorable lifelong email.

Email forwarding costs:- $10 per annum (including up to 4 changes of forwarding address)

Payment buy

Electronic mail
General Information: john@hemsley.com

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Send mail to john@hemsley.com with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: 05/02/03
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